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Vita-Tan - Skin Pigmentation Support


The best tan you've ever had

Created by experts, we are the new tanning company about to revolutionise your tan regime! Our exclusive new formula will make you tan darker and faster with less time in the sun or sunbed.

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We all love how a tan makes us feel healthy, confident and gives us that summer feeling - support your holiday tan with a natural supplement that works from inside out. For a longer lasting, easier tanning experience.

There are so many health, beauty, weightloss and tan supplements available now that it can be confusing knowing what to buy.. not to mention EXPENSIVE! Our team of experts have created Vita-tan to make it really simple, we have combined only the best extracts, minerals and superfoods that we absolutely know you will LOVE!

VITA-TAN Capsules support a deeper, darker tan before sun exposure - the ideal supplement before a holiday. Enriched with melanin boosting Copper to support a faster, deeper tan when used regularly, ideal for pale skin or for keeping your tan for longer.

Vita-Tan Capsules support

Vita-Tan Capsules support

We have also combined beautifying and metabolism boosting extracts to make this the must have supplement, the ultimate holiday prep


All Natural Tanning Support

Made from all natural ingredients in a completely safe supplement containing Magnesium, Ginseng, MACA, Zinc, Selenium and Copper, which contribute to normal skin pigmentation, metabolism, hair and skin benefits and energy. It really is an essential supplement


Vita-tan will prepare your skin for sun from the inside out, ideal in the summer months or before a holiday. Recommended for people that burn easily, don't tan well or simply want a deeper, darker tan that lasts longer.

Vita-Tan Capsules