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Tanning in Quarantine

Isn’t May brilliant! Bank holidays to look forward to and some amazing weather hopefully on the horizon (we will try not to jinx it) it’s a great time to soak up some of that glorious sun and feel the benefits of some much-needed Vitamin D and a tan to make you feel a million pounds.


Get a killer tan in quarantine


The tanning shops are shut and while we can’t be sure when life will resume again, let’s keep that skin glowing as best we can the natural way. Let’s face it, the great British weather is not predictable, with glorious sun one minute and rain the next we need to make use of every second! Here we’re going to help you create the perfect tanning haven to make you feel like the queen of quarantine and bring the holiday vibes to your garden.

Pull up a pew


Taking an hour or so in the garden is a lovely way to de-stress, relax and unwind. Make the most of your space and create a comfy corner facing the sun. It doesn’t have to be a fancy deckchair, although this does look nice. Get some blankets, cushions and arrange them on the lawn. The most important part is creating a space that will allow you to fully relax. Maybe lock the children in the house with plenty of snacks to avoid disruption.




Get a book at the ready


One of the best past times when relaxing in the sun? Reading! What is your favourite book? Or do you prefer an audible so you can completely immerse yourself? If you’re looking for something new, here are the BBC’s top recommended reads of 2020:


  • Weather by Jenny Offill. …
  • Real Life by Brandon Taylor. …
  • Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid. …[1]
  • Motherwell: A Girlhood by Deborah Orr. …
  • Apeirogon by Colum McCann. …
  • Cleanness by Garth Greenwell. …
  • Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall. …
  • The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel


Stay hydrated


Staying well hydrated keeps you healthy inside and out, your skin will thank you for plenty of water. Fancy something with a little more kick? Create a delicious cocktail to really make it feel like you’re on holiday. A quarantini perhaps? The makemeacocktail.com site is brilliant, just put in all the ingredients you have at home and it generates a selection of cocktails that you can make with what you have. What can you make from gin, gin and gin?




Make the most of it


The sun is shining, but can you really get your glow on with only a small amount of time in the garden? Er YES! Vita-Tan is designed to build up the natural melanin production in our bodies, meaning you’ll tan super-fast even in British weather. You’ll walk out of lockdown a bronzed goddess!


Don’t forget your lotion


Even if it is overcast, it won’t stop the harmful UV rays damaging your skin. Don’t tan naked, always wear lotion!


Whether you’re a seasoned tanner or have a tendency to shy away from the sun, using Vita-tan will mean you’ll tan faster, deeper and it’ll last longer. With Summer on the way, you’ll see the benefits for yourself in just a week.


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Vita-Tans 5 Top Tips for Safe Tanning

A fake bake can’t quite beat the real deal when it comes to feel-good factor of basking in the sunlight. While we all holiday in our back garden (when the weather permits) you might be using the time to relax and get in some tanning time. With the summer well on the way, how can you tan safely without damaging your skin?

At Vita-Tan we have put together our top tips for a safe, but killer tan.


  1. Don’t scrimp on sunscreen

Let’s not confuse sunscreen with sun block, it’s an old age myth that wearing sun cream will stop you getting a tan. It won’t! It will however protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause long-term skin damage. When you choose a sunscreen check the label to make sure that it is a good all-rounder and offers high protection from UVA and UVB.

Sunscreen doesn’t stop the production of melanin which is what causes the skin to get that luscious glow. Remember, UV rays can still penetrate through clouds so always protect your skin in all weather!

  1. Get to know your tan time
    We all have that one friend that gets a deep tan with hardly any effort and the one who burns at the first sight of sun! Well interestingly, everyone has a tanning cut off point where the body physically cannot produce any more melanin. Even if you’re outside for a solid 6 hours, the tanning time remains the same. It’s around the 2-hour mark but people with fairer skin it is probably a bit lower. After that point, you’re just risking sunburn and skin damage.
  2. Take regular breaks
    If we only have around 2 hours of good tanning time, space it out. Regular breaks lower the UV intensity and it means a longer lasting, healthier tan. The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 2pm, so be extra careful and take a few additional breaks.
  3. Eat sun rich foods!

Sun and food- now you’re talking. There are some foods that are known to boost the skins own SPF, known as lycopene. Red and orange fruit and veg are some of the best sources and can actually boost your own sun protection by 33%! Another cracking antioxidant is polyphenols found in green tea (seriously is there anything that magic tea can’t help with!) and some omega-3 rich foods like oily fish. Finally finish off with some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids that can help to protect against sunburn. That’s a full delicious meal and pudding right there that will actually protect your skin too.

  1. Swap your tan accelerating creams to supplements
    This isn’t us just being biased by the way. Research has shown that tan accelerating creams are total rubbish and can’t do anything to stimulate the body’s natural melanin. BUT supplements can. Copper is one of the main ingredients in Vita-Tan an is essential for melanin production in the skin. If you’re pale and struggle to tan, then this is a great option for you! Even some of our paler customers are showcasing their newly discovered tan lines.


Get your glow on!

Remember, safe and sensible tanning is the best way. Always wear sunscreen and protect your skin. Using vita-tan will give your melanin a kickstart for a longer lasting, deeper tan for maximum satisfaction.


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