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We have created an exclusive new formula in a handy supplement that combines tanning, metabolism and beauty which you wont find anywhere else. Vita-tan contains copper which contributes to skin pigmentation (tanning), therefore by using Vita-tan in the run up to your holiday you will be prepped and ready to tan deeper, darker and faster than ever before! You should use vita-tan after your holiday also, to maintain a longer lasting tan.

Melanin is a protein naturally found in our skin. It is the pigment primarily responsible for our skin colour. Some people produce a lot of melanin, whilst others produce less. People that produce more melanin typically find that their skin is more tolerant to UV exposure, and that they tan easily and with speed. Our exclusive formula is perfect for anyone who struggles to tan

We have added Magnesium, Ginseng and Maca into this amazing little capsule, This super combo of minerals and superfoods has been created especially to give your energy and metabolism a natural yet effective boost

Selenium and zinc are skincare saviours and we know you will love Vita-tan and see the beauty benefits within 7-10 days. It really is an absolute must have!

Yes you sure can! Vita tan capsules are just as effective on a tanning bed as they are outdoors. In fact, using Vita-tan will drastically reduce the number of minutes you need the sunbed.. win-win!

Copper is ESSENTIAL for melanin production in the skin, which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, which is why Vita-Tan is ideal for pale skin tones!

As each skin type is different it is hard to guarantee you'll achieve your desired results as it really comes to the individual and how their body produces melanin when prompted. We have had amazing feedback from babes that really struggle to tan or only burn when exposed to UV – they are finally seeing tan lines!

The key for fair skin tones is to start using Vita-tan 4 weeks ahead of your holiday or event so you can really kick start the boosted melanin production

Vita-Tan works by using active ingredients that stimulate melanin production in the skin which is VITAL for the tanning process! The more melanin you produce the easier it is to tan, so you just can’t compare to a luxe tanning oil, we are so much more. We don't have fake tan or bronzers in our bottle so please be aware results do vary on individuals.

Take 2 capsules daily with your main meal and plenty of water

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No, Vita tan is a supplement that helps to speed up the natural tanning process, along with having metabolism boosters and hair and beauty benefits

No, Vita tan does not contain any SPF. Please use this product responsibly and in conjuction with a high protective sunscreen, which is essential when spending time outside.

Vita-tan is made in a facility that handles nuts, milk, shellfish,fish and soya

We are a UK owned and run company and our supplement is made in the UK following strict guidelines

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If you have received a damaged or faulty product please email us at contact@vita-tan.co.uk and our customer service team will do our best to resolve any issues

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