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Molly-Mae Hague is best known coming second in Love Island with her still boyfriend Tommy Fury! Originally entering the show as a business decision, it was amazing to see her relationship bloom with Tommy Fury and to be honest, we thought they were in it for the win! Since being propelled into the spotlight in 2019 Molly-Mae has been busy building an empire for fellow tan lovers! A fine business decision if we say so ourselves.

At Vita-Tan we are always on the hunt for ways to create that awesome bronzed glow and when we came across Filter by Molly-Mae, we had to go investigating and wow that’s a fake tan we can get on board with. With a pre-body scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells, a luxurious tanning mousse and a rich body butter, the whole process looks to be glorious. While we love a natural tan, we aren’t averse to topping up during the winter months.


Fake Tan doesn’t stop you getting a real tan

One of the nice things about topping up with fake tan is that it doesn’t actually stop you from getting a natural tan but it does take the pressure off building your natural base tan. As the UK begins reopening after the second lockdown (don’t get us started on that) finally the sun-bed shops are going to reopen! So instead of blasting 20 minutes on a sun bed and risking your skin, take it slow and steady and always wear protection.


Safe Tanning

Recently Molly-Mae documented her own experience following a mole removal on her leg, she broke down in tears as she realised it was cancerous and has encouraged other women to make sure they get checked out if they find something suspicious. It serves as a reminder for the importance of safe tanning!

Vita-Tan increased the body’s natural production of melanin and requires minimal sun exposure to work. Fake tan obviously requires no sun at all. Remember, neither protect you from the harmful UV rays, so when working on that beautiful glow always wear UV protection. Wearing protection will stop your skin from burning by blocking UV rays but it won’t stop your body producing melanin, which is the main tanning agent.


Ultimate Christmas Glow

If you’re looking to get a stunning glow ready for the festive season, then top up on Vita-Tan, use some fake tan to reduce the rush and always take care of your skin.

Remember, we have a skin care bundle full of amazing ingredients to support and maintain your skins natural elasticity and moisture.


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