Gemma Collins stuns with 3 stone weight loss

Love her or hate her, Gemma Collins is a diva we are all crushing on right now with her amazing transformation. What was her secret? The former TOWIE star hasn’t been shy about her use of the controversial injections claiming how they have changed her outlook on dieting. The truth is, you don’t need diet injections to make a massive difference to your weight loss regime. Just commitment, the right food and sometimes a gentle, natural helping hand!


Gemma Collins is well known for her voluptuous figure, but she has also been at the receiving end of a tirade of abuse from people fat shaming. Well, revenge is a dish best served cold and Gemma Collins has dished out plenty of it recently sharing her amazing transformation journey on Instagram.


The reality TV star has said how Instead of focusing on numbers on the scale, Gemma has been focusing on what makes her feel good, she doesn’t want to be the one to encourage young girls to obsessively weigh themselves. GC- we hear you!


Stop obsessing over weight


Let’s face it, we can spend way too much time obsessing about the number on the scale when actually how we feel is much more important. Losing weight doesn’t need to be complicated, eating well, moving more and adopting healthy habits are simple changes that will bring results. When we say moving more isn’t about two hour bootcamps (unless this is your thing) and punishing regimes, take a leaf out of the GC’s book and focus on what makes you feel good; a brisk walk with your four legged bestie, a short, sharp HIIT workout or some restful yoga. Speaking of rest, its super important that you get those magical eight hours in each night- a rested body and mind helps us to start each day with the right mindset. Always remember to drink plenty of water too, good for your skin and your weight loss!


The GC, like so many of us, has fallen victim to the fad diet and short-lived results. Now we know that starving ourselves doesn’t work in the long run- you’re more likely to cheat after a period of feeling ravenous and the inevitable binge that follows puts it all back on plus a bit more for good measure. You get angry with yourself for ‘failing’, try an extreme diet again and get stuck in a cycle of punishment that drags you down. You don’t have to feel this way- good habits that you build into a routine is a great space for everyone to start. No dramatic changes, crash diets or gruelling gym routines, just simple and small changes that motivate you can really make a big difference. Combining these great foundations with natural products designed to support your transformation is an option available to everyone, not just celebrities.


Weight Loss Made Simple


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Lose weight your way with an extra bit of bounce from Natural Beauty Slimming and start feeling great about yourself. As the great GC herself said, “I am as I am, and I ain’t gonna apologise for it”.

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