Holiday Bookings Soar for July

t’s the news that we have all been waiting for… we can getaway this summer after all! You know what this means, stock up on Vita-Tan!!

The original 14 day quarantine period for people traveling has been lifted for travel in certain countries as the government have set up air-bridges. The full list of countries has yet to be confirmed but the first phase of travel opening up is expected to involve European nations including France, Greece, Spain and possibly Portugal, with other potentially more distant locations to follow.

Things will more than likely be a little different than what we are used to, with hotels stopping breakfast buffets and social distancing measures still likely to be in place. However, this isn’t stopping us wanting to have a break away in the sun. It comes as no surprise that travel companies had their biggest day ever this Saturday with the news.


Where is hot in Europe in July?

If you’re an avid sun seeker like us, you might be wondering which places in Europe have the best temperature in July. Thankfully, you won’t have to go far for some amazing blue skies and scorching temperatures. Here is a list of some of the top destiantions and their temperatures:


Average July temperature: 27.4

Practice your French ladies as the whole coastline has an average temperature of 27.4 and only 12mm of rain expected across the month.


Average July temperature: 28.2

Take in the beauty of Barcelona and the amazing sights with around 10 hours of clear blue skies and so many beautiful beaches to relax and unwind.



Average July temperature: 28.3

Lisbon is one of the warmest European Capitals with a fantastic 12 hours of sunshine a day! There is barely any rain to speak of in July too with a teeny 4mm expected across the month.



Average July temperature 28.6

Who doesn’t love Majorca! One of the popular Balearic Islands, you’ll be pleased to hear that while 28.6 is an average, July can see temperatures up to to 31.1 degrees and a whopping 11 hours of sunshine a day.



Average July temperature 28.9

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands just off the Western Coast of Morocco, so you know it’s good!



Average July temperature 29.5

Crete is the largest island in Greece and it’s Mediterranean climate makes it all the more beautiful. The ancient ruins are stunning and even better there is around 12 hours of sunshine a day!

There is so much to choose from and even though the weather has been particularly kind to us in Britain, we still can’t wait to have a much needed summer holiday.

If you’re planning a trip away, make sure you start stocking up on Vita-Tan to build up your melanin for a booming tan when you go away!

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