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Core Gel Waist Shrinking Cream


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Core Gel Waist Shrinking Cream

Waist Training Firming Core Gel and a Wrap get the best results whilst wearing a waist trainer with the Natural Beauty Slimming Core Gel Waist Shrinking Cream.

The core gel firms the skin & improves the appearance of cellulite whilst eliminating accumulated fats, increasing skin oxygenation and stimulating blood circulation. Made from scientifically tested active ingredients that work vigorously to improve your body shape, the ingredient Chlorella vulgaris is renowned for its skin- tightening effect and the removal of waste products in the skin.

Clinical studies have shown Coleus Forskohlii to be effective as a weight loss aid, which is due to forskolins role in promoting lean mass in the body. Caffeine is used in the gel to bring about an improvement of lipolysis, or the burning of fat, and hence supports the other ingredients in this formula.

This core gel allows for easy fat cell breakage, helping to slightly reduce your waist line and may alsp help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as it draws blood to the surface of your skin and improves micro circulation, evening out your skin tone. It works exceptional well with a variety of waist trainers.


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