Tier 1,2 or 3: It’s time to shine

The second lockdown is coming to an end but the threat of the tier system still lingers over our heads!

For those of us trying to set and maintain weight loss goals, this year has hit us hard. Remember the heady days of early lockdown when we were driven outside in our droves to start running and hiking? Yoga in the park? That early optimism has been replaced with fatigue, boredom and if we are honest, a little extra fluff we’d like to get rid of.

This time it’s different, we already know what we’re doing. Now is the perfect opportunity to start working towards those goals that got lost in the back of the cupboard last time. Dust off them running shoes, we’re about to get serious. With fewer distractions and temptations available to us (we miss you cafes, shops and restaurants), there really is no excuse for festive flab to begin to creep on, hopefully we can celebrate Christmas in style and the little black dress will look better than ever.

Boris has launched (an unfair) attack on people with a higher BMI claiming they are more at risk from the coronavirus than their thinner friends. Now while this is a complete generalization as BMIs are outdated and inaccurate, we can’t turn a blind eye to the crisis around us and taking care personal health is of the utmost importance, a healthy lifestyle supported by natural products must be at the top of the agenda.


Tier Shred Made Easy

Who said losing weight has to be difficult? We have put together some of our favourite products to help you on your weight loss journey.


Apple Cider Pro


The benefits to Apple Cider are crazy! Our formula is like no other, it is the best fat burner we have ever created and will really kick your couch to 5k goals into shape. No nasties, ju

st five of the best natural products for fat burning wrapped up into one capsule a day. Speed up that metabolism with ginseng, cayenne and guarana, regulate your sugar levels and block fat with apple cider vinegar and sea kelp. Combined with a healthy diet and some enjoyable exercise, you could start seeing results in just four days!


Skinny Juice

An all in one you say? One drink, once a day for the ultimate shred. Our delicious skinny juice will be your new bff. During the last lockdown we sold out, so this time we are prepared and have ordered them in in their masses! Our all in one super product boasts antioxidants, vitamins and a big boost for your energy levels. This sellout five-star product is packed full of lovely goodness to super-charge your weight loss plans. Hydration is essential for health and if you cut down the alcohol and aim for 1.5l water per day (including our delicious skinny juice, of course) you will not only feel better but your hair and skin are going to glow!


Ultimate Shred

For those of you wanting to parade your pandemic shred in the living room party this Christmas, the Ultimate Shred Kit is the one for you. A low carb, junk free bundle that will maximise your weight loss and fast track you on the way to the body of your dreams.

And with HUGE savings on this bundle on our website, you can buy yourself an early Christmas present guilt free. Getting it through laybuy you can spread the cost over 6 weeks, even better!!


Junk free, natural and delicious ways to support your weight loss during lockdown- what could be better? A healthy mindset during lockdown is crucial to stay motivated and focused and our products can really help you to become a healthier, thinner you. Remember to join our support group, it’s completely free and full of helpful hints and tips to support you.



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