Traditional Tanning Pills Vs Vita-Tan

At Vita-Tan we wanted to talk about traditional tanning pills the side effects they can produce and how Vita-Tan has none of the nasties in that can cause adverse side effects. We don’t want to be confused with old school tanning pills!


Tanning pills aren’t new and have been around since the 70’s and were used by lots of body builders.


What’s in Tanning Pills

A tan without sun exposure, sounds too good to be true, well that’s because it is! The sunless tanning pills contain high doses of beta-carotene and canthaxanthin, which belong to a group called carotenoids. When you ingest this colour additive, it purportedly releases pigment-changing compounds in your skin, and long-term use will make your skin turn darker.

We eat natural and synthesised carotenoids all the time. They give fruit and vegetables yellow, orange and red colouration and are added to egg yolk to give it a yellow colour. While eating foods high in carotenoids can boost our tanning ability, you need a lot if it is the change your skin tone.

Side effects


Canthaxanthin, for instance, can accumulate as red and yellow crystals at the back of your eyes and cause damage to your eyesight. It’s been noted that the crystals slowly disappear in the years after a person stops taking canthaxanthin, in severe cases, they can damage blood vessels in the retina.



Beta Carotene

Large doses of vitamin A can be toxic but taking beta-carotene as a substitute is safer. However, long-term, excessive use are linked to an increase in certain types of cancer.

Other side effects include:

  • hives and welts
  • gastrointestinal issues, such as abdominal cramps and diarrhoea
  • liver damage
  • retinopathy (eye damage)
  • vision changes
  • vision loss

Orange not Bronze

Tanning is caused by increased melanin production which darkens the skins natural pigmentation on the surface. Tanning pills work from the inside out and they don’t give the bronze look you might be hoping for. They actually give you orange skin instead, while not serious it’s definitely not the look we would be going for.

This can make your eyes and skin look yellow. Excessive Beta carotene may lead to a high intake of vitamin A in your body and can cause jaundice, giving your skin a yellow complexion and actually more serious than the orange skin.

Probably the worst thing about tanning pills is that the side effects can last for years after taking tanning pills. Sometimes staying in the body between 2 and 7 years.


Vita-Tan for the Win

Vita-Tan isn’t a sunless tanning product, it is a perfectly balanced supplement containing copper which boosts the body’s natural production of melanin. There is definitely no canthaxanthin or beta-carotene, it’s a super combo of minerals and superfoods to boost your tan, give you more energy and your metabolism a natural, yet effective way.


We understand how important it is to keep your skin happy and healthy, this is why Vita-Tan reduces tanning time by 70% meaning you need a lot less time exposed to UV rays. To further support your beautiful skin and give it the nutrients it needs to glow all year round, we have developed an amazing range of Vita Collagen and Vita-Skin to provide you with all the nutrients you need to keep you skin soft, supple and smooth!


Have a look and start your Vita journey today!

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