Why Don’t my Legs Tan?

This is a such a big question and easily one of the most irritating things about tanning. Time on the sunbed or a week away in the sun and while your arms, face and middle tan and yet your legs are left behind either burnt, patchy or they’ve not even developed any colour! Seriously, it is so frustrating! Here are a few reasons that your legs don’t tan as well.


  1. Less melanin
    The reason your legs don’t tan is down to the production of melanin. At Vita-Tan, you probably hear us talk about melanin a LOT. Well that is because it is the number 1 contributing factor to the whole tanning process and activating the production of melanin is responsible for giving you that golden glow. On your legs the skin doesn’t produce as much of the magnificent melanin than the rest of your body, which results in them getting less tan.
  2. Thicker skin
    Skin on the legs it thicker than most other parts of the body and this makes it harder for UV light from the sun and sunbeds to penetrate the skin.
  3. Dry Skin
    You might have already noticed that the skin on your legs is drier than most other places. The dry skin usually reflects the UV light making the tanning process even harder. The dryer the skin the quicker the exfoliation.
  4. Faster exfoliation
    Many women shave or wax their legs and doing this exfoliates the top layers of skin more so, which is where most of your tan is held. Where possible keep exfoliation down to once a week. Also, avoid long hot baths, a strange one but this also gets rid of the tanned upper layer of skin.
  5. Sunbeds
    In conventional sun beds most of the tanning energy is concentrated to the top and middle of the body. This is why you might find that your middle goes a fabulous colour but again your legs are left behind.



Don’t lose faith yet though! That might sound all doom and gloom but there are some helpful tanning tips to help your legs get the tan they deserve!


  1. Exfoliate
    Before each tanning session give your legs a scrub and remove any of the dead skin cells that could be reflecting the light.
  2. Avoid waxing and shaving
    We aren’t saying go around with hairy legs but leave 1 or 2 days after a tanning session to wax or shave.
  3. Take your Vita-Tan
    The biggest reason it is difficult to tan on any area of the body is the production of melanin. Vita-Tan has been specially formulated to boost the body’s natural production of melanin. Taken regularly, it can help you achieve a deeper tan and better still, longer lasting!


Tanning your legs and achieving a gorgeous glow shouldn’t be complicated. Give it a go and show us those amazing pins and share your before and after with the Vita-Tan team!

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